CYPRIEN RICHIARDI, influencer and international lifestyle testimonial, launches his brand CYPRIEN THATSALL . A combination between the designer's own name and his energetic and determined attitude.

“Light” is the source that best inspired the capsule design, of high contemporary standing, in which glamour and high-end technology mix in “limited edition” models that conjugate with luminescent special effects and are inspired by “nightscape” fashion.

CYPRIEN RICHIARDI decided to encapsulate his lifestyle expertise, his travels diary, by simply creating a contemporary, modern, technological and timeless mix.

The result is a “high level luxury” product that aims at an international segment in which the brand mission “Dress your style” embodies the generation that loves to dare, anticipate, experiment with luxury and stand out from the crowd. “I AM ALL” and “YOU ARE ALL” share the same interpretation and act as the main feature of the product's brand.

The strategic highlight of CYPRIEN THATSALL stands out thanks to the high-quality, innovative Italian sartorial manufacture of its core products and accessories and the use of customizable luminescent materials.